Tax compliance is important for all companies or individuals registered to do business in Trinidad and Tobago. We can assist you in the following areas:

Tax Accounting

  • Validating your profit and loss account and advising on your tax liability
  • Prepare and submit your Corporation Tax Returns
  • Compute your quarterly taxes installments
  • Remit all taxes installments on a timely basis

VAT Returns

  • We can provide full or partial VAT support
  • Compute the VAT position either monthly/bimonthly
  • Complete VAT returns
  • Remit payments to the Inland Revenue
  • Manage VAT audits
  • Handle VAT queries

VAT Returns

We prepare personal income tax returns, including expatriates.

Expatriate Payroll Taxes

We compute the monthly payroll taxes (PAYE) and other related statutory deductions for expatriate and local personnel.

Tax Registrations

We register for Corporation Tax, Value Added Tax and Income Tax (PAYE), Board of Inland Revenue (BIR) numbers and National Insurance (NIS) numbers.

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1-868-625-6473 ext. 249

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