Financial Advisory

Aegis Financial Advisory Services can evaluate your business needs and extend access to resources and financings /capital sourcing. Our advisory and industry knowledge can recommend best courses of action.

We provide due diligence services in connection with target acquisitions and have provided these services to publicly quoted companies pursuing acquisitions both locally and regionally.


Aegis provides guidance on obtaining capital for start ups or expansion. We evaluate your business idea or project and translate it into the necessary business language to attract the right investors.

Our services include preparation of business plans and prospectuses outlining your history, leaders, financial forecasts, risk management culture and other parameters necessary to inform potential investors and creditors.

We ensure your potential business partners are adequately informed of the risks of the undertaking and the possible returns to compensate for such risks. Further, we can identify potential investors or financiers for your project.

Due Diligence

If you are acquiring a business we provide the financial due diligence to identify risks as well as perform assurance procedures to evaluate representations made by the vendor. Our due diligence procedures are flexible and are tailored to the needs of the buyer, specific to the deal.

Our services extend from small and medium sized entities to large publicly quoted conglomerates. We provide these services both domestically and regionally, extending our services to carrying out economic evaluations of target markets if necessary.


Our appraisal services are well respected in the industry including stamp duty assessments and target acquisitions of IFRS 3 compliance. Aegis undertakes the necessary analyses of the suitable methodology, cashflow and earnings forecasts and rates of return to establish sound valuation opinions.

Sale of Business

If you are considering to divest your business portfolio of a particular holding, Aegis can provide the advisory services necessary to ensure you maximize the potential price you can obtain. Our services include:

  • Preparation of teaser documents
  • Identification of target buyers
  • Structuring the acquisitions process
  • Preparation of information memoranda to support invitation for bids
  • Bid evaluations
  • Other advisory services on contingent considerations and corporate structuring

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