Contingent Workforce Outsourcing Partner in T&T

International clients who need a Human Resource service in Trinidad and Tobago, and may not have an office here, will outsource to PRSL as their most cost-effective solution.

PRSL formally employs a contingent workforce on their behalf, and seconds them back to the client for the duration of the project. This maximises operational efficiency by cutting labour-associated costs and increasing the profitability of the project.

PRSL handles all HR functions, including:

  • Employing foreign specialists
  • Sourcing and hiring local consultants and workforce
  • Organising work permits, contracts, payroll, and tax
  • Coordinating training and development
  • Handling all HR admin and functions for the duration of the project
  • Winding up employee contracts at the end of the project, in compliance with local laws and Government requirements

PRSL is uniquely structured to offer this kind of Human Resource service in Trinidad and Tobago.

Why did we create PRSL as a separate company within the Aegis Group? Because we saw our international clients struggling to find a sensible business alternative for their contingent workforce outsourcing requirements without the hassle of setting up a separate entity together with its attendant legal requirements.

By converting those challenges into the PRSL solution, our clients now have access to pursue their contracts with peace of mind.PRSL’s depth of workforce insights, and our customised HR architecture, both help our clients reach their strategic goals in our region.

PRSL is still closely related to the Aegis Human Resources Department, and therefore able to enjoy the full range of skills, services, and connections nurtured over the last 17+ years.

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