Aegis Group joins Kudos International Network

Kudos International Network are pleased to announce that Aegis Group has been accepted as members of Kudos International Network.

Kudos International Network is a new, quality based, international network of practices. It has been set up to provide Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) with a genuine alternative to large scale international practices and give access to an extensive range of services on a global basis. This is done cost effectively, but most importantly, without compromising the professionalism of the work and advice given to SMEs.

Aegis Group is one of the largest providers of outsourcing services in the Caribbean in the areas of Accounting Outsourcing, Corporate Secretarial, Taxation, Payrolls, Human Resource and Corporate Finance. The group is chaired by Angela Lee Loy who is the past President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Caribbean (ICAC), past President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Trinidad and Tobago (ICATT) and former Trinidad and Tobago representative of the International Assembly of ACCA.

Angela commented "We are delighted to be accepted into Kudos International Network as we feel that a network aimed at the SME sector suits our needs. We have worked with the team at Kudos in the past, and know them well. We look forward to continuing to serve our existing clients and would welcome discussing with local SMEs what we can do for them, as a result of our membership of this network."

Michael Scott, Executive Director at Kudos International Network, commented "We are pleased to bring Aegis Group into the network as members. We have worked with the practice over the last five years, and on starting Kudos International Network, Aegis Group were the logical choice to invite into the network to cover Trinidad. We know that Aegis Group prides themselves on the quality of their work and service. Access to other Kudos members worldwide will enhance the firm’s ability to service international business, as well as giving the Aegis Group access to ideas from around the globe. All of this will enable the group to further enhance the services provided.

Only organisations who are committed to producing quality work can gain access to the network as the entry criteria are strict. Ongoing membership of the network is based on passing and maintaining strict quality standards laid down by the network. Failure to maintain quality will mean removal from the network. At Kudos we take quality very seriously. Using the services provided by a Kudos member organisation gives assurance that the organisation provides a service of the highest quality, combined with the personal service of a smaller organisation. We believe Kudos organisations provide SMEs with high quality work at a reasonable price."

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