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Global Audit Standards. Local Expertise

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Trinidad and Tobago place a high value on Aegis & Co.’s external audit service.

Our completed Audit Report will:

  • Give confidence to external funders, shareholders, directors, stakeholders, or potential investors
  • Satisfy demands set by the banks and tax authorities
  • Show your audited financial statements to be credible and reliable
  • Add a competitive edge when you’re tendering for contracts
  • Health-check internal control measures, or even deter internal fraud

These are times of investor skepticism and online scrutiny. As a result, an external audit is key to maintaining trust and confidence in your company.

Our founder, Angela Lee Loy, was formerly a Senior Partner at global firm, Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC). She empathised with the needs of Trinidad and Tobago’s SMEs, for whom global rates were out of reach.

In 2001, she founded Aegis Business Solutions Limited (ABSL) to cater to this unique and vibrant business community. Aegis & Co. was later formed to provide external audits and assurance reviews for the wider business community. We maintain our global standards and connections through long-standing memberships with the Kudos International Network and Member of the Forum of Firms.

These relationships ensure compliance with the International Standards of Auditing (ISA) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in addition to keeping us at the forefront of software and technology innovations.

Our Audit and Assurance Services

Financial and Statutory Audits

These are appraisals of your current fiscal position based on a review of your financial statements. As an independent firm of Chartered Accountants, we are qualified to deliver a formal Opinion on your finances in an Audit Report.

Your historical financial information will either:

  • Verify that your company’s financial reports are accurate and reliable
  • Or identify areas where management could improve their internal controls or processes

Our Audit Report will add value to your company and give confidence to shareholders, owners, management and other important stakeholders.

Compilation of Financial Statements

A Financial Statement Compilation is the most cost-effective form of service offered by Aegis & Co. This is because it is not a full-scale audit—it does not go into technical or analytical depth, neither do we express an Opinion on the statements.

We deliver a ‘Compilation Report’, which verifies that the statements are the representation of your Company’s management, and confirm that they have not been audited or reviewed.

Review Engagements

An Aegis & Co Financial Statement Review offers limited assurance that your Company’s financial statements conform to the reporting framework of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Many lenders and creditors will accept a Review, thereby saving your company the cost of a full audit.

Corporate Tax Planning and Compliance

Aegis & Co.’s team of corporate tax specialists will plan and achieve the most efficient strategy for your Company in the local tax environment.

Tax planning and compliance are both an art and a science. Our tax experts are intimately familiar with the complex web of local and international tax demands. We know how to strike a delicate balance between opportunity and responsibility.

Your Company is as unique as you are. This demands a sensitive and expertly tailored approach to your personal and corporate tax structure.

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In compliance with Sarbanes Oxley rules Aegis & Co. does not conduct audits for accounting clients of Aegis Business Solutions Limited.