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Aegis & Co was formed to satisfy the external audit needs for the small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) by former Audit Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and present partner of Aegis & co. Angela Lee Loy. Most economies are made up of SME's and some instances, micro enterprises.

Aegis & Co, delivers audits in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards(IFRS) without absorbing large global overhead costs. Aegis &co. is a member of Kudos International Network, which is a member of the Forum of Firms.

Our services include

Financial/ Statutory Audits

We conduct audits of the financial statements prepared by a company in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing, ensuring that there are no material misstatements and the information presented shows a true and fair view of the company’s position for the engaged period. An opinion is expressed in an audit report and addressed to the shareholders of the company.


Preparation of the financial statements for small businesses, ensuring that these statements comply with all the relevant principles and regulations of the related industry.

Review engagements

The provision of limited assurance over the preparation and presentation of the financial statements.

Taxation services

Calculation and filing of corporation and business tax.

Fraud Management System Review

We perform in depth reviews of a company’s existing control systems to identify any instances of or vulnerability to fraud.

Audited financial statements provide a degree of confidence to external users of financial information (banks, investors and shareholders) that a company’s accounts reflect a true and fair view of its financial position. It also increases the credibility of the non-financial information that is predicated on the company’s performance.

While an independent audit is a mandatory requirement for state enterprises, private companies can have an audit performed to give that level of confidence that management is keeping with their fiduciary duty towards shareholders and that duty of care is maintained. Audited financials also provide an increased level of reliance on the financial information presented which is used by both current and potential investors and providers of finance.

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In compliance with Sarbanes Oxley rules Aegis & Co. does not conduct audits for accounting clients of Aegis Business Solutions Limited.